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  2. "Saints have no moderation, nor do poets, just exuberance."
    — Anne Sexton  (via thatkindofwoman)

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  4. "Every city has a sex and an age which have nothing to do with demography. Rome is feminine. So is Odessa. London is a teenager, an urchin, and in this hasn’t changed since the time of Dickens. Paris, I believe, is a man in his twenties in love with an older woman."
    — John Berger (via h-o-r-n-g-r-y)

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    Regina Spektor


    eet // regina spektor

    you spend half of your life trying to fall behind
    you’re using your headphones to drown out your mind
    it was so easy and the words so sweet
    you can’t remember, you try to move your feet

  6. "How about coffee, drinks, dinner, a movie; for as long as we both shall live?"
    — Joe Fox, (Tom Hanks) - You’ve Got Mail (via kvtes)

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  8. "Today, give yourself permission to be outrageously kind, irrationally warm, improbably generous. I promise it will be a blast."
    — Sasha Dicter, of Acumen Fund, on Generosity Day  (via myinspirecollection)

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  9. "For if a strong back
    and a heavy heart
    have taught me anything,
    it’s that love does not exist to
    lighten our hearts,
    love only exists to see
    how much we will carry."
    — pavana (via maza-dohta)

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